Esports Events to be feature 2000$ prize in Minsk 2019 European games

Esports events which is to be part of cultural programme in the European games and they will offer a prize pool of $2,000 (£1,600/€1,800) of the top four players.

In this competition total 16 Professional esport player to be compete.

“Esports attracts people primarily because it is readily accessible,” said Belarusian Cybersport Federation communications director Yegor Malyzhenkov.

“We’ve chosen the football simulator FIFA 19 due to its strong popularity.

“The game corresponds to the main Olympic values: perfection, respect, friendship.

“FIFA players are made familiar with the world of football.

“They make up teams, study prominent football players, rules, and subtleties of the game.

“We hope with our tournament we will be able to show that esports is quite a serious matter.”

The European Games will starts from Friday (June 21) and run until June 30.


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