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Irish Flag to carry by Magee in European games opening ceremony 2019

Bronze Medal Winners of the Mixed Double Events at inaugural edition of the European games four year ago of Magee who will be lead the Ireland teams on Dinamo stadium on 21st June at European games opening ceremony.

Three Times olympics Chloe Magee who will be announced as a Flag Bearer for the upcoming European games opening ceremony events at Minsk.

“I am very proud to have represented ireland in three olympic games and am particularly honoured to be carrying the flag in Minsk, having great memories of winning bronze in the first ever European games in 2015”

Chloe Magee Carry Irish flag in European games opening ceremony at Minsk

Chloe Magee Carry Irish flag in European games opening ceremony at Minsk

Magee family who force in irish badminton as Chloe’s brother Joshua who will also to be compete in the Minsk 2019 games in the Men’s doubles events while her niece, Rachael Darragh participate in the Women’s singles events.

Ireland side who is sending the 65 athletes to Belarus Minsk games where they will be participated in the Nine Sports including badminton, Judo, archery, athletics events.

Ireland who won the two gold medal in the previous edition of Baku 2015 in Boxing of Michael O’Reilly in the Men’s Middleweight division and Katie Taylor in Women’s lightweight.

European games is to be schedule to played from 21-30 June and feature 15 sports and eight of the events are part of the Tokyo Summer olympic games qualification for 2020

Belarus Wrestling team named for European games 2019

Belarus who has been announced the wrestling team foir the upcoming 2nd Eurepean games and its been by the chairman of the Belarusian wrestling federations Kamandar Madzidov.

Belarus’ Greco-Roman wrestling team  are players likes of Maksim Kazharsky (-60kg), Soslan Daurov (67kg), Pavel Lyakh (77kg), Radik Kuliyeu (87kg), Aleksandr Hrabovik (97kg), and Kirill Grishchenko (130kg).

Belarus will included in the freestyle wrestling team players which are  Uladzislau Andreyeu (-57kg), Georgy Koliyev (65kg), Azamat Nurikov (74kg), Ali Shabanau (86kg), Aleksandr Gushtyn (97kg), and Vitaly Pesnyak (125kg)

The Belarusian women’s wrestling team will compete with Violetta Chirik (-50kg), Vanesa Kaladzinskaya (53kg), Iryna Kurachkina (57kg), Veronika Ivanova (62kg), Maria Mamashuk (68kg), and Vasilisa Marzaliuk (76kg).

A total of 288 athletes will compete in 18 medal events in the Second edition of the European games at Minsk in the period of 25-30 June.

Poland bids for the 3rd European games 2023 events

Just couple of days away to begin the second edition of the European games 2019 at Minsk, Poland has submitted application to host the next edition of 3rd European games.

EOC noted that Deadline to submit application to host the European games 2023 was on 31 May 2019. Poland who apply to host the 2023 European games and City of Krakow and Malpolska region to host the various games.

Official Election of the European games 2023 host to be done on 22 June Minsk at General Assembly of the EOC. before that Russia also interest to host the third edition.

Current Second Edition of the European games to be take place from the 21-30 June in Minsk and on this multi sports events total of 4000 athletes from the 50 countries to be complete in more than 15 sports events for 200 medal game.

Selfie Sticks not allowed in European games 2019 at Minsk

City Authorities has been announced that selfie sticks to be banned from the 2019 Minsk European games.

“Selfie sticks shall not be permitted in sports venues,” said Ivan Kubrakov, head of the Minsk City Hall Internal Affairs department.

Apart of selfie sticks, Alcohol and flags and banners which have not been registered are not allowed on stadium.

Kubrakov said information on banned items would be posted on Government websites and listed at venue entrances.

“The surveillance systems at the arenas have been upgraded with additional technical means installed to recognise people who are banned from attending sports events by court order.” said Kubrakov.

Ruslan Alekhno singer named star Ambassador for 2019 European games

Popular Belarusian Singer and Composer Ruslan Alekhno has been named as the star Ambassador for the upcoming European Games 2019 at Minsk.

Earlier he Having won the television contest People’s Artist in 2004, he went on to represent Belarus in the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, falling at the semi-final stage.

Famous Belarusian singer named star ambassador of Minsk 2019 European Games

Famous Belarusian singer named star ambassador of Minsk 2019 European Games

Star Ambassadors Project of Minsk 2019 aims to promote upcoming multi sports events which will be played in Belarus this year. Recently former Olympic fencing champion Alexander Romankov and the winner of the 2018 “Miss Belarus” beauty contest Maria Vasilevich were both named as star ambassadors.

European games 2019 is running from the 21 June to 30 June at Minsk Belarus and 15 Sports events will be feature the competition. More than 4000 athletes to be participated in this multi sports events of 2019 Minsk games.